When Spirit “Refuses” to Leave You Alone

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In my private FB group, Awakened Starseeds, Psychics Light Warriors and 5D Ascension Support (Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/awakenedpsychicstarseeds), a member posted the following:

"I have encountered a spirit that refuses to show me anything about it? It’s also refusing to leave when I demand it to. I’m waking up feeling like someone is watching me. I’ve never encountered this problem before. I can normally shield and block, but this particular spirit isn’t budging. Any suggestions?"

In this special broadcast, I will address this very real issue that many awakening psychics, sensitives, and empaths face. I'll cover:

- Different cases where a bothersome spirit can come in
- Your body, your temple, your vibration for hosting spirit
- What to consider when moving spirit out - Hint: it's NOT by force

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