When a Healer Needs a Healing

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I called my last broadcast on www.NewsForTheSoul.com, “When a Healer Needs a Healing”. Listen here:

On the topic of healers, I want to share on a topic that’s near and dear to me today. It’s a subject that I see often with my students, clients, friends, and family, and even in professional settings, corporate – it’s all pervasive. And especially for the empaths and the highly sensitive souls out there, it’s even more pervasive!

On the air, we asserted that everyone is a healer to some degree – from professional healers, to the moms and dads out there, to even just being the friend.

A healing, just giving it a very basic definition is one where there’s a shift in a positive direction from one energy state to another energy state.

With that definition as the context, there are 3 big key problems I see with many in the healing community that I’d like to shed some light on—thus setting the stage for “When the Healer Needs a Healing”.

Listen to the show to discover those 3 key issues along with a guided meditation to help heal the healer. Listen now:




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