Want to Know More about Spiritual Energy Healing?

For all intents and purposes, clairvoyance is the ability or gift that certain individuals possess for seeing human energies by using the sixth chakra, or third eye, in a non-judgmental fashion.

Chakras are the energy centers of your body that the clairvoyant sees, while the aura is your energy field surrounding you.

During a clairvoyant healing session, in San Diego, the pictures and visions that emerge are what the psychic clairvoyant sees during your time with them.

During your reading, the psychic may also see your calling in life and what it is that you are supposed to do in your present time.

All of the experiences you have had during your lifetime, so far, are contained within your aura. Furthermore, your abilities, beauty, emotions, experiences, individuals, love relationships, and personal issues can be seen within your aura, and your chakras.

With a clairvoyant healing session at True Insights, the clairvoyant may not be able to address every issue that they witness within your aura. This is simply because there are times when there is too much for them to see. However, they will see pictures or visions that stand out most and are relevant at that particular time.

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