The Three Keys to Awakening Your Psychic Third Eye

Plus information on the upcoming Clairvoyant Training Program beginning Tuesday 1/8/2019 by Zoom and phone
(Timestamps below)


  • Are you interested in awakening your psychic abilities?
  • Do you feel like you you are highly sensitive and need help controlling your gifts?
  • Wondering if anyone can awaken their intuition?

Hi, I'm Joe Gacoscos, Instructor with Intuitive Insights. I'm also author of "Journey of the Awakened Psychic".

I've been teaching with Intuitive Insights for many years now and have taught hundreds of students to awaken to their natural gifts.

I created this informational broadcast for those that want more information on how to awaken their psychic abilities.

Learn the 3 keys any psychic must use to awaken their third eye.

For those that want to take their training a step further, I introduce the details of the upcoming Clairvoyant Training Program.


We had an awesome broadcast. Lots of great information shared. Great feedback.

I provided information on the upcoming Clairvoyant Training program. One of the participants Alisha noted "This course will be so awesome"!


Check out the hour long broadcast along with the timestamps here:

0:00 Intros
2:48 Agenda
5:36 The #1 Question asked awakening psychic
9:04 Challenges most awakening psychics face
13:47 Key #1
21:10 Key #2
27:30 Key #3
31:14 More energies to help awaken your psychic abilities
34:30 Guided meditation to ground and prepare your body for energy work
43:00 About the 6-Month Clairvoyant Program and topics covered
49:48 Clairvoyant Program logistics
55:28 Summary

Have Questions: Please PM me or email me at joe @ We can also set up a quick call should you want to speak with me personally.


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Looking forward to having you join the program!


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