The Benefits of San Diego Psychic Readings

San Diego Psychic Readings

If you stop and think about this for a moment, we as human beings have the ability to travel anywhere in our minds within a matter of a few seconds. While clairvoyance is not required to accomplish this feat, we still have the capability of utilizing a very similar energetic experience in the process of performing a psychic reading.

As a clairvoyant or psychic, we able to use our extra-sensory perception, our “mind’s eye,” for seeing energy. This helps us in many reading situations, from contacting someone beyond, to getting in touch with higher energies, to performing extraordinary healings.

Believe it or not, we all have psychic abilities to a certain degree. Have you ever thought of someone, and next thing you know, they text you? How does that happen? For many psychics, this is not merely a coincidence…It happens often enough and we gleam information from these kinds of events.

A psychic has merely had more practice and is much more open to these types of phenomenons than the average person.

If you have heard the terminology “sixth sense”, this is something that can be accessed during clairvoyant readings in San Diego sessions.

For instance, certain clairvoyants and psychics are able to communicate with other individuals or spirits and gain knowledge from the vibrations that emanate from them. Others see auras, energies, and gather information about your karma from past-lives that are affecting you today.

It has often been said that any person with the patience and time to put forth the effort can improve any psychic abilities they may have. However, it requires doing this in a way that is safe, grounded, and in a manner where you don’t take on too much outside energies other than your own.

While you may not be able to achieve the level of abilities witnessed your psychic readings in San Diego sessions, your own abilities can be improved nonetheless. This is especially true where your intuition is concerned and your ability to know what feels right or wrong.

Some call this “trusting your gut.” A clairvoyant actually goes beyond trusting the gut to actually seeing energy as opposed to just feeling energy. This is a more neutral experience for the clairvoyant and it is easier to distinguish what is your energy and what is not.

With this in mind, enlisting the services of a trained clairvoyant can be a very enlightening and valuable experience. At the same time, clairvoyant readings in San Diego can provide you with information and insights into your life as well as what the future may hold for you.

Most individuals are very curious as to how a clairvoyant or psychic obtains their information or messages.

The best way to describe the experience is it’s all about the energy of what the clairvoyant is looking at. And it depends both on extrasensory perception as well as some life experience of the psychic to either make determinations or discernment of the energies they see:

For example, as the reading progresses, the clairvoyant may ask,

  • “How does the energy look?
  • What colors do you see?
  • What shapes?
  • Where in the person’s space do you see this energy?
  • What information can you get from these colors or shapes?”
  • What do their chakras and aura look like?

The main job of the clairvoyant is to report what they see. Have you ever heard the saying, “A picture paints a thousand words?”

Often, simply by reporting the pictures that are seen, it is like talking the language of spirit. As we are all spirits in a body, the spirit of the clairvoyant is talking to the spirit of the person getting the reading. It truly is a remarkable experience for those that are open to energies and spirit-to-spirit communication – all simply by reporting the energy that is seen. It truly is a remarkable and healing experience for both the clairvoyant healer and person getting the healing.

The reality is that San Diego Psychic Readings sessions have much to offer and have the potential to be life changing. By having an open mind, you will quickly discover that they “know” things about you that only you could know.

Psychic readings are an ideal way of learning more about yourself as well as getting to know your higher-self – contacting that which is much greater than yourself.

Most importantly, the clairvoyant or psychic is there to help you move past our wordly experiences to moving onto much higher vibrations and energy experiences.

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