Testimonials (via Yelp):

Joe is an exceptional teacher and healer. I have taken several of his classes at Intuitive Insights, and also received a comprehensive reading + healing from him.

He seems to have a bottomless toolbox; he always brings some practical technique, helpful analogy, or valuable perspective into his classes and readings to help you process what’s ready to be healed.

When I had my one-on-one session with Joe, he was very compassionate and wise. At first we worked on clearing some energy having to do with my career. And then I suddenly found myself sharing about a much deeper and more emotional topic…a subject I never planned to spill my guts about in that session! I think this issue arose simply because Joe creates a very safe and non-judgmental space. He gently provided guidance and healing to help me transmute the pain I was feeling around that situation…while I bawled my eyes out, of course! I can honestly say that session was hugely helpful toward my healing journey.

I highly recommend seeing Joe if you’re seeking clarity, healing, and personal transformation. He is truly gifted, and his work comes straight from the heart.

~Krystin C.

I was in search for some clarity about my life. I was repeating some patterns and generally not sure about how to understand what my true self was trying to tell me about same situations.

I saw Joe a few times and he looked into my energy, did some healing work, and gave me some insights about those situations and I didn’t even tell him about it.

He was able to see the real me and presented things in a very loving and kind way. I walked away with more clarity and I felt relief and balanced from the healing he did.

The entire experience has helped me move forward with some very important steps in my life that I think I would not have done otherwise if I didn’t see him. I am very grateful for that experience and will return again.

~Jenn L

I saw Joe when I was making a change in my life. I was weighing my employment options and was very worried about how my choice might affect my family, and my financial situation. I went in thinking that I might find a way to ease the worries about my employment choice.

I got much more than that.

Joe was able to help me understand a lot about myself. He also helped me to learn to clear and shield myself from energy that I was allowing to, “tag along” after I encountered other people. My profession involves contacting people when they are at their worst, upset, angry, or frightened.

I left my session feeling lighter and happier and with tools I could use to continue to help myself. I am also happy with the decision I made about my employment.

~Felicia G.

I cannot say enough about Joe and his talents – he is truly a gifted spiritual and energetic practitioner.

He offers a calm, uplifting presence to his clients and students, and is someone who I’d highly recommend. I’ve participated in many sessions with Joe now and have experienced much needed healing within myself plus a complete 180 degree shift in my energy (and mood!) following his sessions and classes.

Basically Joe rocks and can provide fantastic assistance in clearing out the negative vibes!

~Michele C.

Rev. Joe has brought me an incredible amount of peace, clarity and self-esteem. Before our session, my energy was scattered. I’m now feeling centered and unafraid of not only life, but a new confidence in the knowledge that our lives go on after death. I have no doubt that Joe put me in contact with life energies of loved ones who’ve passed on.

What he relayed was profound and there’s no way he could have guessed the truth and insights he gave me. If you’re looking for a better way to spend money earmarked for counseling, this is it. One session of Joe’s energy healing is so much more beneficial than 10 years on a psych’s couch of needlessly rehashing the past.

Looking to change your life? Let go of skepticism and get on board with the latest in healing. My Sister and I both have and we welcome you with us on a new higher realm of seeing, living and believing. Go Joe! I don’t have enough nice things to say about your profound gift….

~Tami C.

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