Starseed Awakening Tele-Class June 11 2018 7PM Pacific

Starseed Awakening Tele-Class

There are many Starseeds waking up on the planet. As a Starseed, you might be one who

  • Looks up to the stars, only to feel empty and alone
  • Was born with strong intuition, empath, or healing abilities
  • Feel like the body and this dimension is too dense
  • Has a strong sense of a mission to use these abilities to accomplish something on this earth

The issue, however, is that the awakening process has been hard. Like any spiritual awakening, it definitely has its challenges. Often, awakening Starseeds are disoriented at first. They feel like something is wrong, or like they don’t belong here on this planet. They may have physical manifestations of pain or dis-ease in their bodies. Many are in hiding because their abilities are a bit “too out there”.

The problem with hiding is a big one. What happens when you hide? What happens when you deny who you truly are? What is the cost of you not expressing your truest self?

What I’ve seen – there are so many talented people out there who need some kind of lifeline. They need some outlet. They need validation.

Starseeds need to be out there expressing their gifts to really fulfill on who they really are.

It’s for this reason that I am holding a Starseed Awakening Tele-class this evening, June 11 at 7pm Pacific. Access details of the class here:¬†

See video here for information on being a Starseed:

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