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Are All Spiritual Psychic Readings Created Equal?

No doubt when searching for the best psychic readings, the same questions always come up

  • Is this psychic credible?
  • How experienced are they?
  • What have others thought their experience?
  • Are they legit?
  • What are their specialties?
  • Can I align spiritually with this psychic?

This may surprise you for me to say this – there’s a chance I might not be right for you. And I’m completely okay with that!


When it comes to our energies, it’s impossible to be a match with everyone, wouldn’t you agree?

The Best Spiritual Psychic Readings in Union City, CA

What’s great with the world we live in is that somewhere out there, there is someone that IS a great match for you. This includes the various psychics or even various phone psychics.

When looking for a psychic, here’s what I believe you should look for:

  • A sense of professionalism – What I’ve noticed having worked as a professional psychic for the last few years now is there are a TON of great psychics out there. They have talents I don’t have and vice versa.
    • However, this is still a business, right? How is their follow-through? How’s their communication and etiquette? As a psychic, things can get trance-cy which brings me to…
  • Groundedness – How grounded is the psychic you’re potentially working with? When I teach other psychics, one of the first psychic tools I teach is how to be grounded. This is a matter of safety for both you and the psychic.
    • As a psychic, you really have to manage your energy which brings me to the 3rd point…
  • Spiritual energy awareness – We receive many natural healers and psychics at the school of intuition where I teach. While they are naturals, many of these healers come in either sickly or they don’t they are messy with their energy. They have to learn to manage their energy with energy tools and energy awareness.
    • How do you know if your psychic is energy aware? You can literally feel or sense their energy. It’s like they’re crawling into your space rather than coming from a place of being neutral

When Searching For Spiritual Psychic Readings, How Will I Know if They’re Legit?

  • First of all, what I advise is to really trust your own natural intuition – your instincts, your gut feel, your knowingness – when first approaching a psychic. If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?
  • Next, have a quick energetic “hello” with the potential psychic. Whether it’s email, a quick phone call, or even if it’s the messaging on their website, I find that you can tell a lot from this “hello.”
  • Lastly, once you do have your first introductory meeting, check for the factors mentioned above. You will know right away. As mentioned above, sometimes you are a match. Sometimes you’re not. And that’s completely OKAY!

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I invite you to come find out if I walk the talk!

If you have read this far, you are likely interested in finding out more. Check back often for more spiritual psychic readings and spiritual energy healings. I look forward to “SEEING” you soon!