Are You Feeling Like You’ve Fallen Off Your Path and Looking For Answers? A Spiritual Healing For Greater Clarity


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Hi there,

As a spiritual healer, the most common calls I get are where people are feeling lost. They want guidance and a spiritual healing. I often hear:

  • I’ve been thinking a lot. I have a lot of paths to follow. I’m not sure which one.
  • I feel stuck. I need guidance on where to turn to next.
  • I feel all over the place. I just want to feel good again.

Whenever I hear this from my clients, I understand completely. As a fellow human being, I can empathize for sure!

From a healing and psychic point of view, here’s what I often notice:

  • A lack of direction
  • A lack of a spiritual compass
  • A disconnect from your true path

Want to know what this lack of direction looks like?

It’s where you—

  • Start many things, but don’t finish anything
  • You may have tried many quick fixes like “get rich quick” schemes and the like
  • You keep seeking answers from others and not checking in with what your heart says

Any of this resonate with you?

Spiritual Healing for Greater Awareness—Connecting To Your True Purpose

What I love about working with people is when they are coming to me for guidance, often they are actually at that point of their next awakening!

Think about it… you would be asking these questions if you didn’t feel deep down that you could actually make a change.

A spiritual healing helps you with the following:

  • Letting go of all the mind’s super-chatter (Try this! Try that! No, don’t do that!)
  • Get back in touch with your spirit’s true frequency
  • Be more grounded so you can continue on more solid ground

In other words: You feel more like yourself again. You feel more confident with where you are headed next.

New offering:

Many people want to just hear my voice. I now offer a free 10 minute introductory initial call. It’s a mini meet-and-greet where you can just get a sense of my energy, ask questions, and find out if my services are right for you.

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For more, visit True Insights for spiritual healing.

In Spirit,


About Joe G

Joe Gacoscos of True Insights Spiritual Energy Healing is a gifted spiritual healer, teach, and mentor. He teaches spiritual tools to help you connect to your true path so you can feel more confident about your life choices. He believes that a path to spiritual awakening and enlightenment is via intuition and psychic development.

He specializes in using his psychic abilities to see where in your aura and chakras you may be experiencing any blocks which can lead to mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. He then uses a variety of psychic tools to help you remove these blocks, paving to greater clarity on spiritual path and true purpose. You feel more more aligned – body, mind and spirit.

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