Spiritual Energy Healing


  • “I haven’t been feeling like myself lately”
  • “I feel like I’ve been taking on too much of other people’s energies”
  • “I’ve been really sensitive to negative energies and it’s affecting my ability to function and be around people”
  • “I really need spiritual answers for why I feel this way”

The Consequences of Foreign Energies in Your Space

When learning about energy awareness in your body, it is important to recognize when you’ve taken on any energy that is not your energy.

When looked at clairvoyantly, foreign energies in your space can look like dark spots or a high-white vibration. Normally your aura in a purer state running your own energy appears brighter.

When you have other people’s energies in your space, it’s like running diesel in a car that’s normally supposed to run super unleaded gasoline! At best, this is NOT optimal at all!

How To Tell If You Are  Running Other People’s Energies in Your Space

When you run foreign energies through your space, it can show up in your aura, chakras, and in your body. Often, you may run into one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Trouble making decisions
  • Repeating the same destructive patterns over and over (and over) again
  • Saying to yourself,
    • “Why am I thinking this way?
    • That’s not who I am!
    • That’s not who I want to be!”
  • Overall feeling depleted, tired and sometimes unable to move forward with enthusiasm
  • Losing touch with your spiritual side

How Will A Spiritual Energy Healing Help?

When receiving any spiritual healing, any energies that are not yours are first identified. Once identified, they can be moved out. An analogy is to imagine something hidden deep in the shadows. Once a light is shown upon it, it can’t help but to transform.

As a clairvoyant, I tune into these energies so I can perform the healing on a spiritual level. Once those foreign energies are removed, clients often report that they can actually feel like something has been lifted. They feel lighter.

(NOTE: If you do have any issues requiring medical attention, it’s advisable for you to see a professional. See medical disclaimer)

What’s It Like Getting An Spiritual Energy Healing and Cleansing?

When receiving a spiritual energy healing, you’ll experience the following:

  1. First is to relax and find your breath
  2. I’ll take a clairvoyant look at your entire space, kind of like doing a psychic cat scan of your chakras, your aura, and energy channels
  3. When I find an sort of dark colors, extreme white energies, or static type energies, I’ll inform you of what I see, where I see it, and what it looks like. I’ll also communicate how this can block the natural flow of your energetic space.
  4. I perform the energy healing using various techniques including psychic, hands-off, hand-on, Christ-Force, or even Trance Medium methods for spiritual healing. Depending on the energies I see, intuitively, I’ll know which best psychic tools to use.
  5. Once we move those energies out, I’ll help you bring back your life force energies through a simple guided meditation to complete our session. This guided meditation is custom-tailored to YOU based on what came up during the reading!

Ready To Experience A New Sense of Freedom With An Energy Healing?

When you schedule a psychic reading and an spiritual energy healing, you will get a comprehensive aura and chakra healing. After your session is complete, you can experience what many other clients have experienced:

  • Feeling lighter
  • Feeling less physical pressure
  • A shift in energy
  • More mental and emotional clarity
  • A readiness to move FORWARD again
  • Feel more spiritually connected

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