Spiritual Chakra Healing–Are Your Chakras Out of Balance?

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The “chakras” are the seven (7) primary energy sources located throughout the human body. Each one correlates to a specific energy system of the body whereby there can be specific associated ailments and physical manifestations.

Furthermore, each one houses our emotional and psychological information and energies.

Whenever we encounter some kind of emotional or physical condition or an issue, often this can be attributed to a chakra being out of balance. So when there is some type of malfunction, stiffness, or tightening in a particular area of the body, chakra healing sessions near Union City, CA, at True Insights, can help you release the body of its stale energies through spiritual energy healing techniques.

So, once you clear out this stale energy, this process will balance and have a positive effect on your emotional and psychological state of mind. In so many words, chakra healing enables you to balance your body, mind and spirit.

For instance, if you are holding on to certain emotions or fears, it could eventually create physical restrictions. Whenever there are emotions and fears that recur, or you are suffering with aches, pains, and stiffness.

With a clairvoyant reading and healing, you can determine which one of your chakras is blocked or impacted. And then counteract the imbalance with chakra healing in San Francisco Bay Area.

It’s a Question of Balance

At True Insights, we practice chakra healing techniques, whether near Union City, Fremont, or Hayward, CA or even with long distance healing, to correct any imbalances that may exist in your energy centers. By identifying where these imbalances exist, we are able to move forward and balance them so that you heal.

Here is some insight into how each chakra is affected when an imbalance exists and how our chakra healing sessions will benefit you:

  • 1st chakra – This is the “root” chakra which represents feeling grounded or rooted, as well as being our foundation and stabilizer. By balancing this chakra, you will feel more grounded with a sense of connection, safety, and support in the physical world.
  • 2nd chakra – This is the “sacral” chakra which represents your creativity and sexual behaviors and energies, as well as your ability to accept a new relationship or situation in your life. When this chakra is balanced, we are committed, creative, and willing to take risks. Additionally, we are more outgoing, passionate, and sexual.
  • 3rd chakra – This is the “solar plexus” chakra that represents the ability to have control over our lives, as well as our confidence, feelings, and thoughts. Balancing this chakra promotes self-confidence and self-respect, while at the same time making you feel more assertive, confident, and in control.
  • 4th chakra – This is the heart chakra which represents a person’s ability to love others and to receive love; at the same time, enjoying what we love. Once the heart chakra is balanced you will have feelings of compassion, gratitude, joy, and love; freely forgiving others and gaining trust.
  • 5th chakra – This is the throat chakra which represents our communication abilities, our voice, and our truthfulness. When this chakra is balanced communications, expressions, and words flow freely. As a result, we become good listeners, are honest and truthful. Yet, we remain firm.
  • 6th chakra – This is the third eye chakra, and represents our abilities to perceive the big picture, along with our inner knowledge, insights, and visions. When it is balanced, we can determine the difference between illusion and truth. In the process, we feel clearer and more focused. Furthermore, we are more open to receiving insights and wisdom after chakra healing San Diego.
  • 7th chakra – This is the crown chakra which represents our connective abilities; especially where connecting with our spirit self is concerned. When this chakra is balanced, we tend to live in the present moment and trust our inner guidance.

Additionally, there is a lesson to be learned from each of these chakras which can be learned through a thorough chakra healing Union City, CA, at True Insights. With the knowledge of the above, we can help you determine which and how many of your chakras are experiencing an imbalance. We can help you to move forward, unblocking the ones in question.

When you come in for a chakra healing, you get a thorough clairvoyant scan of all your chakras. From there, we heal each one of your chakras one by one so you can feel more balanced.

If you would like more information regarding our chakra healing practice in Union City, CA, we invite you to contact True Insights today. If you are interested in receiving a personal psychic reading, you may e-mail, Skype, or visiting our Union City, CA office.

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