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When searching for a psychic chakra healing session in San Diego, it’s important to distinguish the types of healing modalities that are out there. Here at True Insights, the type of healing you get is via clairvoyant energy healing.

To know if clairvoyant energy healing is the type of healing is right for you, first of all, see if you can agree to the following statements. Have you been…

  • Feeling out of balance lately?
  • Experience either physical pains or emotional pain associated with one of the chakras (see Chakra Healing and Balancing page)?
  • Have that general sense of feeling stuck?
  • Do you feel like other people’s energies easily get into your space?

If you answered yes” to most of these questions, then you are definitely a good candidate for an energy healing in general.

When it comes to receiving a clairvoyant healing, this type of healing is effective, especially when performed by a skilled psychic. The advantages are as follows:

  1. A clairvoyant can you his psychic ability to see the energies that may be causing a block in one or more of your chakras
  2. When an energy is seen and identified, it is then easy to move these energies out use powerful clairvoyant healing techniques
  3. A clairvoyant heals from a NEUTRAL place
  4. When a healing is performed from a neutral place, there is no mixing of energies between the healer and the client being healed

How do you know if you are going to be receptive to this type of healing? 

It helps if you:

  • Are open minded
  • Can be receptive to receiving a healing (not everyone is!)
  • Have a higher than average sense of energy awareness
  • You believe in psychic phenomena

Think you fit the criteria stated above? Interested in a Psychic Chakra Healing Session in San Diego? Distance readings and healings  via phone or Skype are also available.

Click here to book your chakra healing session today! 

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