Beyond Intuition Intensive Spiritual Empowerment Life Coaching Program

Intend. Create. Manifest.

“When Spirit moves through you to give birth to something greater, it is YOU that is born.

  • Give your intentions space, attention & accountability through this spiritually empowering and immersive experience.
  • Spiritually integrate your higher calling into your world with grace, power, and ease!

6-Month Spiritual Intuition Integration Experience Details:

  • One 2 to 4 hour “Discover Your Soul’s Goals” Discovery and Mapping Session
    • Receive a psychic/clairvoyant look at your soul’s original agreements to taking on a body
    • Look at your present state to see where your energetic blocks are to experiencing life to it’s fullest potential and satisfaction
    • Receive a deep healing to help jump start you towards your dreams
    • Walk away with a  “Soul Map”, intuitively co-created  between you and Joe


  • Two 90-minute Intuitive Creation & Manifestation Sessions per month x’s six months
    • Via Phone/Skype
    • High quality personal support and accountability to help you gain deep clarity, confidence and continuity towards your next steps
    • Uncover and transform inner obstacles that prevent you from fully mobilizing your soul-resonant work in the world and living your most aligned life
    • Create a customized spiritual blueprint reflective of your life goals in areas such as spirituality, relationships, business, etc. to help ensure enriched personal and professional prosperity
    • Sessions may include intuitive life or business readings, spiritual energy healing, meditation, or other holistic tools.


  • One 90-minute Trance Medium Deprogramming and Quantum Reprogramming Session per month
    • Via Phone/Skype
    • 3 parts:
      • Receive DEEP healing from Joe to help you MOVE PAST your blocks to prosperity and alignment with your higher-self
        • Receive this healing from Joe  while he gets into a deeper than usual state of trance to channel energies to help you move out stuck energies that no longer serve you
      • Replace these old energies with new programming to help propel you forward via a powerful quantum integration meditation
      • Receive extra coaching on any assignments, open up spiritual dialogue, integration time


  • VIP Intuition Immersion Half-Day Intuitive Quantum-Leap Life Strategy Session
    • In-person or via phone/Skype
    • Bravely make your next move into a life-by-design through actionable intuitive planning
    • Ground this new vibration into a spiritually inspired project that you can see, feel, touch, and can fully integrate into your life
    • Confidently be known, seen, and heard in the world at a new energy vibration
    • Walk away with a intuitively drawn “map” for your next steps
    • Available ONLY after month three of the coaching program


  • Weekly Awakening & Integrating assignments, inquiries and meditations
    • Practice and allow more trust in your intuition to guide your next steps
    • Systematically build a solid foundation, and build specific and  measurable accountability into your weekly activities


  • Unlimited email/text support (48 hr. response time)
    • I’m here for you!
    • I respond quickly whenever you have questions or need guidance.




  • Access to all of my templates, scripts, marketing tactics, and worksheets


  • VIP access to upcoming workshops and events


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