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Sacred Business | Spirituality in Business | Business as Medicine with Kristyn Caetano on True Insights Radio-News for the Soul

Join us tomorrow, Weds, 1pm Pacific on my True Insights Radio Show on where I bring on special guest, Intuitive Business Coach, Lifestyle Strategist, & World Traveler Kristyn Caetano!



Show details:

– Hear the story of how one Spiritual Coach found a way to quit her 9-5 job and build a sustainable, soul-aligned business that she loves.
– Learn about her Sacred Business model and why it works…especially for Healers, Coaches, & Consultants.
– Learn new tools to help you heal your inner mindset and create the life and biz /claim your Higher Calling.

To work with Kristyn, visit or join her Higher Desire Life & Biz Collective Facebook group:

See full announcement on Facebook.


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  • Applying the Law of Attraction: Pitfalls to Avoid
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    • The secret behind “The Secret” – what the Law of Attraction doesn’t cover
    • How to attract what you really want and to avoid any pitfalls to the Law of Attraction
  • Dealing with Post-Holiday Overwhelm
    • Managing your psychic space when too many of other people’s energies get in your space
    • Managing what other people are reflect back at you – Your Truth and how to navigate those energies
    • Using energy tools to help you move out other people’s energies
  • Spiritual Path Readings and Intuitive Guidance for Aligning to Your Deepest Spiritual Truth
    • Learn a method to align more to your spiritual truth
    • Listen to a guided meditation for aligning with your deepest spiritual truth
    • Discovering your calling for life, business, career, and relationship – your connection to the Universe
  • True Insights with Joe Gacoscos – 1ST SHOW! Wed. at 1PM PST on News for the Soul Radio
    • Learn more about Joe
    • Learn about how he became a healer and spiritual teacher
    • Hear his perspective on spiritual awakening – from a Spiritual Healer’s point of view.


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About Joe Gacoscos

Joe Gacoscos is a psychic development teacher, spiritual radio host on News for the Soul, and author of "Journey of the Awakened Psychic". If you feel like your psychic senses affect your ability to function normally in life, read on. There is a totally different path available to you: It’s one where you take control of your abilities—rather than your abilities taking control of you… Apply for a confidential strategy session at

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