Receive a Chakra Healing and Reading to Clear Both Body and Spirit Connections

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Receive a Chakra Healing and Reading to Clear Both Body and Spirit Connections

I just recently completed teaching a psychic develop course: An 8-week Chakra Healing Certification course in San Diego. Each week, we journeyed through each of the 7 chakras of the body. We then continued onto the transcendent chakras 8-12 which are outside the body.

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If you are searching for chakra healers or a chakra reading, here’s my take on the chakras, from a psychic healer and spiritual clairvoyant‘s point of view:

Each of the chakras appear as little energy centers. Each chakra is associated with the “body-being” connection. Said another way, the chakras represent the spirit to the body and body to spirit connection. From the physical realm to the spiritual realm and back.

When diving deep into having a clairvoyant reading in each of these body-being connections, then a very spiritual psychic healing can occur for the client.

As an example, the 1st chakra on the spiritual side is all about your connection to the planet, safety, and survival. On the physical realm, it’s also associated with basic survival of the body. Where this can show in the physical realm, you might have money issues, health issues, or even basic feelings of lack.

As another example, with the 7th chakra, on the spiritual side, this is all about your connection to the spirit world. Above you head is that spiritual space. Below your crown is the body. Ever experience headaches? When looked at from a spiritual reading point of view, there may be a lot of spiritual energy flowing in through your crown down into your body. Perhaps you been searching for spiritual answers. Thus this flow can get out of control when out of balance.

When you receive an energetic healing on the chakras, the spiritual psychic will help with the following:

Spiritual Cleansing: Get your energy flowing again by clearing out any energy blocks to your body being connections for each of the chakras.
Spiritual Insights: Gain insights into why you might be having physical ailments. Usually spiritual blocks show up as physical blocks.
Clairvoyant Healing: The clairvoyant psychic can see these blocks and help you to clear them out on the spiritual level. Then the body can help heal itself.
Chakra balancing: The chakras should also be in alignment with each other. If one chakra is more dominant then the others, for example, then balancing the chakras will help alleviate any overall imbalances in your body

Ready for a Chakra Healing so you can have the best experience being more in balance for both the body and spirit?

Psychic spiritual readings are available in San Diego. Over the phone psychic readings are also available.

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Psychic clairvoyant readings also available.

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