How Psychically Gifted Are You—The Details

Congratulations on taking the “How Psychically Gifted Are You” quiz! 

Were you surprised at your results?

As promised, below are the details behind each question.

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Here are the details behind the questions:

If you marked “Yes” to any of the following questions, you received a point to help score your quiz. The questions are regrouped accordingly.

I believe in psychic phenomena, that there are planes of existence beyond our traditional five senses.

  • Many psychics report being able to sense beyond the traditional 5 senses. This is that 6th sense you may often hear about.
  • The other planes of existence can include other dimensions, intergalactic planes, the Astral plane, dreams, and or trance medium realms to name a few.

I often sense things will happen in advance such as major events, running into unexpected acquaintances, or receiving messages from friends.

I’ve received text messages from friends just right after randomly thinking about them, as if it were de ja vu.

  • People with this type of cognition often report knowing of major earthquakes before they happen, for example.
  • This is an example of clair-cognition.
  • Often people even at great distances will sense communication from others through a ‘knowing’ which is distinct from the other abilities

I can see energies such as chakras, auras, angels, or spirit guides.

I see dead people. Seriously. And they don’t always look so good.

  • People who see energy are known as clairvoyants.
  • Some people see vivid images, shapes and colors
  • Others will see silhouettes, outlines, or flashes of all kinds of colors depending on the type of beings that are present

I often hear messages that seem to come from a higher plane such as directly from angels, spirit guides, or dead relatives.

Sometimes I hear what sounds like background noise of a collective of thoughts or voices—and I know I’m not just hearing things.

  • People who hear spirit are known as being clairaudient
  • Often they will hear messages, divine guidance, or just the voice of spirits wanting to talk
  • Some hear constant background noise because they’re quite connected to the realm of spirit in that way

I communicate telepathically with people or pets without actually verbally speaking with them.

I seem to be able to send messages to others with my mind. I’ve experienced where they’ve actually received these messages without actually speaking to them.

  • You’ll often experience telepathic communication with people you have close bonds with
  • The experience is often like you are reading each other’s minds

I often can feel the emotions other people are feeling.

I can often feel the energy of a room I walk into—these can often be dark or heavy energies or at times the energy doesn’t feel right.

  • This pertains to people who are very empathic
  • When taken to what’s known as Clairsentience, you can not only feel what others are feeling, you also get other information surrounding what people are feeling.
  • For example, you might feel someone else’s sadness while at the same time receiving some intuitive hit that it’s because they just ended a close relationship

I can often think of things and then they just effortlessly happen or come into being days or even moments later.

I sometimes get the sense of being extraordinarily lucky, that I often get what I want with no effort.

  • This is a special category around manifesting thoughts and dreams
  • Have you noticed that some people just have the golden touch to think about what they want and then it happens?
  • When studied deeply, there psychic phenomena surrounding this fascinating field

I sometimes experience becoming like another character altogether, as if I’m a whole other personality—sometimes I’ll forget exactly the details of what I actually said or did.

I sometimes experience being in a trance state where it’s as if spirit is working right through me—whether it is be speaking, writing, or even acting—it seems like it’s not actually me.

  • You might be a natural channeler or medium
  • Some people are able to control this ability more and are even able to allow other beings to use their voice
  • Some channel ascended masters or archangels with this ability


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