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Often when life gets challenging, it can feel like there is no other alternative. It seems like you’ve tried everything – from meditation, to getting more exercise, to even turning to a nice stiff drink – all to no avail.

And all around, everyone is happy to give you their opinions on what you should do:

  • “You should just relax more.”
  • “You need to take it easy.”
  • “Stop making it such a big deal!”

And of course, that unsolicited though well-meaning advice gets you exactly where you’d started…Nowhere.

What You Haven’t Tried Yet

So you’ve tried everything. However, from a psychic healer‘s point of view, I see it a bit differently. 

What often happens is we work on everything out on the periphery:

  • We work on body.
  • We work on the mind.
  • We work on our emotions.

What do we forget?

We forget SPIRIT.


When things aren’t working, often it is because one or more of this sacred triad is either out of alignment or out of balance, or BOTH.

From the psychic’s point of view, the chakras are either blocked or energy is not flowing well. The aura might be damaged or holding foreign energies.

On the level of Spirit, this is the area we often don’t think to look at.

And yet, I believe it is the most vital.

San Diego Psychic Energy Healing

I like to tell my clients, “When you work from Spirit, all else follows.”

When you come in for a San Diego psychic energy healing with True Insights, working from Spirit is the primary focus.

When you look at the energy of disease, or dis-ease, it’s often because of the aforementioned energy blocks.

It’s amazing when I see, for example, some kind of energy block in the middle of someone’s head. I perform a chakra healing on that area, and the headache eases or even disappears completely.

When I see stuck energies in a client’s gut area, I help to heal it and the tension is relieved.


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