Need Spiritual Path Guidance Healing and Direction?

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Deep Transformational Life Path Healing and Channeling Session

Most clients who come in for a Deep Transformational Life Path Healing and Channeling Session have one thing in common:
They have lost their way.
When they come in, often they feel lost, out of synch, and low on energy.
Yet, that's not the real problem.
The real problem is how people are going about trying to find their way once again. Here's what I've noticed:
  1. They're already low on energy. And yet, they are trying to power their way even more through their problems.
  2. They are WILLING their way to get to their next step, but, they have no idea what that next step even is!
  3. Many go about their lives with no direction. It's like traveling through unknown territory without a compass.

Living a Lost Life

So many people are going about living their lives in this way.
Because many are in the thick of it all, here's the real issue:
Imagine being on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no motor. Without a motor, your boat will go wherever the tides will take you.
For all you know, you can be going in circles for an eternity.
Now imagine your boat does have a motor. Yet you have no map. How will that work out? What if you run out of gas?
That's how MANY people are living their lives today:
  • No purpose.
  • No solution.
  • No direction.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

I've found the best way to a) get some of your energy back and b) discover your purpose and direction is simple:
1) You must release any old energies, programs or blocks
- Holding on to old paradigms limits your progress
- It's like carrying around a suitcase full of clothes you no longer wear
- These blocks can be blinders to your Truth
2) You must align with your soul's original mission.
- What's your mission in life?
- Why are you on this planet?
- Who are you here to serve?
3) When you are living your Truth, your life begins to FEED you
- This is how you really get your energy back
- Unlike powering through, instead you are able to RECEIVE
- The Universe rewards those who are clear
- This is because the Universe doesn't have to guess what you need!

Now here's the Truth of the Matter

Don't you think if you already knew all this, you\'d have figured this out already?
And that in no way is meant to be demeaning. It's just the majority of people live with blinders.
You ever notice how easy it is to notice everyone else's problems?
This is where many clients have come to me for help for spiritual guidance.
It's hard when you're in the thick of things, right? Often we don't see what's obviously right in front of us.
With this particular healing, it's very unique, specialized offering.

Clients experience the following:

1) A psychic reading on your chakras, aura and energy channels
- Where are you blocked?
- What old programming are you carrying (from parents, society, etc.)?
- How much of your own energy do you really have?
2) Channeling messages from Spirit for your highest guidance
- Are your spirit guides trying to deliver you a message?
- Have you been ignoring the signs?
- Are you not able to connect with your guides?
3) A Deep Spiritual Energy Healing
- Now that we've identified your blocks and guidance, it's time to set the energy for your new future
- Clear away those old blocks and programming
- "Raise your vibration" by being most in alignment with your True Path and spiritual direction
**Unlike where you might just get a reading, or a healing, or channeling...


So the Question Now Becomes, "What's Next For You?"

  • What's it really costing you to stay stuck where you are at?
  • How would it feel to continue being directionless? With no true purpose?
  • What's stopping you from moving forward towards living the life you really deserve?
Here's the deal. You can stay stuck where you are at.
Or, you can make the bold choice to find the help you need to get out of your rut.

Special Coupon for First Time Clients

For first time clients, I'm offering 10% off your first session with me.
When you sign up for a session, use the coupon code 'AWAKE' to receive 10% off.
Note - because of the energy level of this particular offering, I only hold two spots open per day.
Be sure to reserve your spot because these spots for a spiritual guide do go quickly.
Sessions are available both in person in my office located in Union City, CA. It's right off the 880 freeway, in the heart of Silicon Valley. If you live anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, it definitely is worth the commute to get here.
For those that live outside the East Bay, I also offer long distance healings. You can attend by Skype or Zoom video. I have many clients globally who elect this option. You still receive an extremely profound healing.
Are you ready to get your life back on track towards your True Path?
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