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My name is Joe Gacoscos, Guide to the Gifted, radio show host, and author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic: 10 Steps to Taking Control of Your Psychic Abilities.

It's hard to be human sometimes, isn't it?

If you feel like your psychic or energetic experiences affect your ability to function normally in life, you've come to the right place to totally transform all that.

Watch the following video to find out more:

YES, there is a totally different path available to you:

It's one where you take control of your abilities—rather than your abilities taking control of you.

You CAN hone your gifts without feeling like you have to live in fear or feeling like you are alone with your experiences.

When you work with me, I take a compassionate yet no-nonsense body-mind-spirit approach to help guide you through to making peace with your psychic abilities, guiding you on how to:

  • Make sense of the extraordinary psychic experiences you have been having even since childhood
  • Control overwhelm when encountering different spiritual energies
  • Create a grounded space so you don’t take on too much energy from others
  • Use basic energy tools to create proper psychic boundaries with beings, entities or other spirits who may be trying to contact you from the other side
  • Master your energetic abilities so they begin working for you to fulfill your highest physcial & spiritual potential

Many of you have been struggling for YEARS dealing with the overwhelm, fear, and hiding. Now IMAGINE how much it would mean to you to have the tools and personal "hand-held" support to transforming all of that within a few WEEKS or even DAYS!

If accepted into the intensive accelerator program, you gain access to all of this—where I distill down many years of psychic, spiritual, and energy work training—and more!

If you are ready to play full out, you and your life can't help but to transform! 

It starts with you: If you are committed to taking control of your psychic abilities—and take back control of your life—then take time NOW to contact Joe.

Click the button below to schedule a confidential 45-minute breakthrough session. During this breakthrough session we will:

  • Gain insight and understanding as to your challenges with your gifts
  • Walk away with confidence as to your next steps in your development
  • Discover if we are a fit to work together to accelerate your gifts to the next level of mastery

In Spirit,


P.S. Due to the commitment and attention I give to each individual client, I have no more than 3 spots open at one time for my clients. Act now to save your spot. Book your discovery session. Get started right away.

About Joe:

  • Joe has awakened hundreds of students and has taught thousands of hours of lectures on psychic development. He has guided all experience levels from beginners, to advanced healing practitioners, to super high-functioning yet struggling Starseeds.
  • He is a spiritual teacher at Intuitive Insights School of Intuition in San Diego, CA.
  • He is a globally broadcasted radio show host for True Insights Radio Show on News for the Soul.
  • And he is author of one of Amazon's best selling psychic booksJourney of the Awakening Psychic: 10 Steps to Taking Control of Your Psychic Senses.
Journey of the Awakened Psychic by Joe Gacoscos - Best Seller Status


If so...

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  3. Powerfully decide together if immersion on the path of psychic mastery of your gifts is right for you.

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P.P.P.S. If you are truly inpsiried and committed to transform you life, then my job is to give you the highest level of service during our 45 minutes together. Be prepared to be fully present. The world is waiting for you to shine the light of your divine!