Joe’s Story

Joe’s Story

Even as a child, I’ve always had this extraordinary sense of “knowingness”. As a kid, I’d just “know” how people felt, I could see solutions to certain problems, and I was pretty well attuned to shifts in energy.
While I believe everyone has some kind of psychic ability, for me it was just normal to know someone was going to call or that someone was thinking about me. After a while, I realized this wasn’t exactly normal with everyone.
As I got older, I decided to hone in more to open up these abilities. It came so naturally.
Eventually I learned more about how to protect myself during readings, how to create a safe space for those receiving a readings, and learning how to heal without taking on others’ energies.
It got to the point people wanted my services. And so here I am today, teaching, reading, and healing!

About Joe G

Joe Gacoscos is owner of He is a spiritual energy healer, clairvoyant psychic, and weekly radio host on Gain clarity for when you are feeling lost in life. Discover a new path for how to find yourself. Call today for a fresh perspective with a psychic reading and energy healing today!

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