How To Open Your Spiritual Third Eye

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When it come to waking up your third eye, often the challenges for those first trying this out are the following:

– Am I really seeing anything?
– Am I doing this right?
– I don’t know what I’m doing
– I think I see something, but I’m not exactly sure…

Frustration can then take hold. 

When reading, one of the keys is to remain in a relaxed state, free of effort, and being open to the experience.

Often students are looking to see images that are as clear as day. However, many times, the images are always so vivid. You may see

– Flashes of colors
– Odd shapes
– Various formations that don’t make sense at first

Now when working to awaken the third eye, one of the keys is simply to be in the moment and allow for the images to form.

Check out the video above that I just create that walks you through opening the 3rd eye. It’s a guided meditation on opening up your third eye.

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