How The Spiritual Psychic Process Works and How It Can Benefit You

In order to determine how psychic readings in San Diego can benefit you, it helps to be aware of the different ways a clairvoyant reader and healer can help you. The following are ways clairvoyance works for you:

Feeling stuck or seeking guidance?

Often the person seeking a clairvoyant reading or healing comes in feeling stuck or seeking clarity. As mentioned above, this can be due to a variety of different situations. Often the person seeking a reading and healing has tried just about everything else. This includes meditation, self-help books, confiding in friends, or seeking other helpful means. While this can sometimes provide temporary relief, there are often times that “extra something” that one can’t quite put their finger on.

See the energy that has you feel stuck

Once the person comes in for a reading, the clairvoyant will take a look at the person. Often this happens with the clairvoyant’s eyes closed in a special kind of meditative state. This meditative states helps the clairvoyant a) be present, b) be more neutral, and c) helps to protect the clairvoyant from other energies. This state is often known as looking through the 3rd eye. The clairvoyant will check your aura and your chakras for this stuck energy.

Release that “stuck” energy with a clairvoyant healing

When it comes to healing, it’s all about moving or transforming energy. Healing is not the same thing as “fixing” you. It’s more about helping you to return to a state of wholeness. As with any kinds of problems in life, the key is to first identify. Then you can work on moving the energy out. The clairvoyant can guide you through a meditation to help you self-heal, or the clairvoyant can help move this energy for you.

At True Insights we deliver psychic readings in San Diego, and healing sessions over the phone, via Skype or in person, here at our local office. If you would like more information regarding clairvoyant readings, we encourage you to contact us.

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