How Do Clairvoyants Receive Their Information?

Individuals oftentimes ask how a clairvoyant reading in San Diego can help them or how their reader gets their information.

The images that the clairvoyant sees take on the form of a series of images that unfold like a movie, wherein they see certain aspects or events in a person’s life playing out.

They may experience and see these elements through varying perspectives, from the readee’s (the person seeking the reading) eyes or from the perspective of a third person.

There are also symbolic images, which is another form of clairvoyant manifestation. In other words, the clairvoyant sees images flashing in their mind that are symbolic for the client.

The manner in which these symbols are interpreted will depend on how the psychic defines them according to their own mental dictionary or an extra sensory from of “knowing.” That dictionary contains the meanings behind these symbols.

Not only do they learn to decipher these symbols with continued experience, but also, no two psychics are ever alike; in that a particular symbol may be interpreted differently by each one. In some instances, the clairvoyant in San Diego may decipher these symbols as a particular entity, event or individual that the client identifies with.

Conversely, there may be times when the psychic is unable to decipher these symbols, yet the client can confirm them or possibly shed some light on their meaning. The clairvoyant will report the images they see.

Sometimes the images will have immediate meaning to the client. Other times, the images may not mean something right away, however, in the future, they may come across what the clairvoyant had reported. The information received by the clairvoyant usually begins to flow once the connection is established.

In addition to the above, there are instances where these visions are images that originate in another person’s mind. Because these visual images enable the clairvoyant to read another individual’s mind, this is oftentimes viewed as being telepathic in nature. During a reading, clairvoyance may manifest itself in these different forms or ways.

When you approach a clairvoyant in San Diego for a personal reading, it helps you to understand. These bits and pieces of information are like puzzle pieces that the clairvoyant can help you get more clarity with.

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