Healing Clarity for When You’re Feeling Lost in Life

When new clients first contact me, often the message I receive is around some theme of needing help for feeling lost in life.

These people aren’t necessarily depressed. They’re probably just short of full on depression. And yet, they feel life can be really depressing regardless!

What’s going on for people in this state is sometimes they just feel like they’re lost in life. Some major incident has happened in their life such as –

  • Heartbreak with which they still need internal healing
  • Feeling lost with what career direction to take next
  • Feeling stuck in their present situation

I’ll also hear:

  • “I really just wish I knew how to find myself”
  • “I want to know what I’m actually passionate about”
  • “I need to figure out what to do next because I feel like I’m at a different place in my life now.”

What choice do I make?

Just so you know, I’ve been there, done that with some of the life choices I’ve made in my past.

It’s hard. It feels like a huge mountain to climb.

For me what worked is to first of all, honor exactly where I am at now. Just to be with it. Sit with it completely.

And when I say sit, I mean, if it really feels like crap, then just finally honor it and not be afraid of it.

Then from there, it’s one of those things where when I actually face it, it doesn’t feel as bad.

Sure it still feels horrible! Don’t get me wrong. But at least now I’m not avoiding. I facing it head on.

And when I can face it head on, then I start to get a sense of where I’ve been blocked, what possible steps I can take next, and possibly what long-term strategy I can use to overcome.

A personal story of overcoming adversity

Many years ago, before I was a full time healer, I was suddenly laid off from my job.

It was so sudden! I was NOT prepared. I actually was enjoying my time there. It was almost Christmas and I was even on a committee helping to plan the company party.

Then I heard those dreaded words…”We’re letting you go due to personnel staffing issues, budgets, blah blah blah (I was too in shock to hear anything by that point)”

Time felt like it was standing still. I was escorted out.

I somehow managed to walk to my car and drive home.

Once I got home, and sat for a bit, I was this ball of fury! Just so angry!

Here I was having a steady paycheck. Then bam! Just cut off just like that!

Perspective on your life path

What’s interesting about that time, looking back I knew that I always wanted to be a full time healer and psychic.

It actually turned into a blessing in disguise to have been let go. It made me really own doing this work I love from part time to full time.

Talking about having to just really a) sit in that crap, and then b) see that silver lining…

The Universe was actually doing me a favor by letting me go!

Although I was feeling really lost in life, the hard part after that was figuring out what to do next!

Fortunately, I have these energy healing tools. I also worked with a lot of psychics in my own community who helped me find direction.

Most especially, I connected with my own higher truth as my compass for future decisions.


If you can relate to any of this, where you’re looking at how to find yourself, feeling lost in life, and needing some kind of direction…

You might even be highly highly successful in many other areas of your life BUT –

There’s that one area where you tell yourself, “Gosh, I totally suck at ______ (fill in the blank – love, relationships, passion, career, money, etc.)”

This is where I can come in to help you.


a) a psychic reading to let you see exactly where you are at now, your energy challenges, perhaps some old karma or old past life stuff


b) an energy healing to help you move these old blocks out so you feel lighter and feel like you have more clarity

– you can feel more confident about your life choices and the direction you’d like to take next.

Rather than feel like trial and error all the time, you can walk forward more positively aligned with your soul’s mission.


If any of this is calling to you at all, I encourage you to seek further assistance. If you’re wanting an alternative look at your situation from a psychic energy healer’s point of view, I would love to help you!

No need continuing feeling lost in life. Please reach out. I’m here to assist on wherever you are on your spiritual path to help you find yourself.

Many blessings to you!


Psychic Spiritual Healer in San Diego

About Joe Gacoscos

Joe Gacoscos is owner of TrueInsights.net. He is a spiritual energy healer, clairvoyant psychic, and weekly radio host on NewsForTheSoul.com. Gain clarity for when you are feeling lost in life. Discover a new path for how to find yourself. Call today for a fresh perspective with a psychic reading and energy healing today! https://www.TrueInsights.net/schedule.

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