I channeled this enlightening message today - more like this message channeled me this whole week! I thought it was too important not to share!

In working with many students and healing clients throughout the years, I have the honor in getting to participate as a guide in their journeys.

What I've noticed in their journeys are 3 distinct stages each goes through - from the beginner stages all the way up to becoming a professional light warrior.

In this video, I really sink deep to uncover what these three stages are, AND the PITFALLS TO AVOID along the way. At each stage, you're learn:

1) Why do I feel stuck?
2) Why aren't people getting my healing?
3) Why am I not growing anymore?
4) Why do I feel like I've reverted backwards?
5) What should I look out for should I do this work professionally?

For many who watch this video, you'll find some of the insights illuminating. I suspect maybe some might find some of what's covered as a little provacative.

Overall, those that get this watch will experience this message as the message they NEEDED to hear at this point in time.

I'd love to hear your comments below along with what stage you are in in your development! As always, feel free to reach out to me should you need extra guidance.



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