Distance Healings

Distant Healings


This question comes up often. Fortunately, I work with clients from many parts of the country and can deliver distance readings and distance healings via the phone or via Skype.

How Does Distance Healing Work?

When it comes to all my services, all of these practices are essentially performed independent of physical space, time, and distance.

How Is This Possible? 

Have you ever thought of someone who lives all the way across the country, and next thing you know, they call you? How does this happen? Is there some sort of psychic phenomena at play?

When performing a distance reading or distance healing, it is in this realm that we get to perform these distance healing sessions.

As a matter of fact, even if you were sitting right in front of me, we’re still tapping into this realm.

What Sort Of Distance Healings Can You Perform?

When you click through to other services mentioned on this website, all of the following can be performed at a distance – by phone, Skype, or even Google Hangouts.

Will I Get Less Of An Experience With Distance Healing Compared to In-Person Sessions?

In a word, “No.”

As a matter of fact, Yes, many clients express being surprised by the level of healing they get, even at a distance!

As the healer performing the distance healing or reading, sometimes I find it to be even easier  to perform the healing when you are not in front of me.


Sometimes it’s easy to kind of peak at the clients’ reaction when they’re sitting in front of you. However, when I can’t see you and only just hear your voice, I can best focus and tune in even more to who you are as Spirit.

In any case, the readings and healings are powerful either way!

What’s It Like Getting A Distant Healing?

When receiving a distance healing, you’ll experience the following:

  1. First is to find a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted for your session
  2. Once you call, I’ll guide you through a short meditation to help you relax and find your breath
  3. I then perform the reading and/or healing session
  4. At the completion of the session, I’ll help you bring back your life force energies through a simple guided meditation. This guided meditation is custom-tailored to YOU based on what came up during the reading!

Ready To Experience A New Sense of Freedom With An Energy Healing?

When you schedule a psychic reading and an energy healing, you will get a comprehensive aura and chakra healing. After your session is complete, you can experience what many other clients have best experienced:

  • Feeling lighter
  • Feeling less physical pressure
  • A shift in energy
  • More mental and emotional clarity
  • A readiness to move FORWARD again

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