Hello Light Warriors! It's really exciting to see how this group has grown organically. In response to the needs of this group--Psychic Awakening, 5D Starseed Ascension, Spiritual Awakening--I want to share this video of a reading I provided client Lisa (and member of this group) yesterday.

Whenever I hold a session, I never know what's going to happen or what energies come in. This particular session had a little of everything! From clairvoyance, to channeling, to light beings, messages from Sirius High Council of Light, Ascended Masters, Archangel Michael, past lives, to a bit of psychic training on communicating with spirit, to even business advice for healers!

Lisa was totally game. Lisa is a talented tarot card reader, reiki master, and life coach who in particular helps middle aged women rediscover and embrace their life path. She requested a reading because her own psychic senses were really starting to wake up in addition to her healing abilities. As well, she'd recently been in a car accident (which I why you'll see her leaning back on her sofa). She needed guidance on her next steps in career and with connecting with her Star Origins.

Lisa has agreed to make her reading public to:
a) Share with others what getting a reading is like
b) Show a demo of how I give a reading, heal, and how I channel
c) Share the amazing channeled messages from a whole host of beings that came through in this reading including Mary Magdeline, Jesus the Christ, Archangel Michael, the Sirian High Council of Light from the Sirius Star System, and even Lisa's grandfather! We believe even if this reading wasn't for you specifically, you will still benefit from the transmission of the messages and healing energies that came through.

Below are the timesstamps so you can skip ahead if you wish.

Blessings to Lisa for givign me permission to share her reading!

You can connect with Lisa here:
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(Yes, all readings are available across the globe!)

0:00 Intro
3:43 General hellos and chit chat
4:47 Joe explains what to expect from the reading, logistics, how to have a deep healing experience
8:51 Reading begins, Joe sets up his own psychic space, asks for name 3 times to get client's vibration
9:03 Psychic cat scan begins, scan of the aura
13:25 Scan of the Chakras - alignment, balance, if any chakra is too open or too shut down, or over compensating
16:24 Check the center of head
17:03 Mary Magdeline and Jesus the Christ (not the human incarnations but the Souls) come through
18:10 Mary comes forward to deliver a message
18:19 A channeled message from Mary (not a prostitute-LOL) - Delivers a very powerful message around honoring the divine feminine energy and running female energy as a form of healing
20:06 Mary Magdaline offers a Lisa a healing to help her to move excess male energies out, to run more of her female vibration, particularly in the heart and the womb. Joe is silent at times, holding space for the healing as Mary does her healing work
23:23 Mary delivers a message to Lisa "Do Good. Do Good. Do Good." What you give, what you get back in return is going to be a healing for you.
24:03 Mary deliver an important message around being able to RECEIVE a healing as a form of running the divine feminine energy
24:39 Mary removes any blocks to Lisa's receiving from her aura, patches up Lisa's aura
25:39 Mary completes her healing. Jesus the Christ form comes forward. Jesus brings down energy from the Christ Force Grid of our central sun to help melt away heavy energies from Lisa's aura. Joe remains silent while holding space for Jesus the Christ to give this healing.
26:48 Jesus delivers a powerful message to Lisa regarding her life path and the role of men in her life and in her family, and the role of women, and Lisa's new path for relationships and companionship in general
29:25 Jesus the Christ completes his transmission and healing
30:07 Joe takes questions. Lisa shares a little about her background
31:49 Lisa requests Joe to take a look at the energy of her career space
33:43 Joe gives a reading on Lisa's career space
34:35 Joe clairvoyantly shares intuitive career advice to help boost Lisa's confidence and providing concrete next steps for Lisa's healing and reading advice
36:31 Joe takes a look at the energy of Lisa's website and gives intuitive guidance (
38:34 Joe closes the window to remove the glare from the light 🙂
42:43 Joe looks at the energy of Lisa's pricing for her services
44:03 Joe gives his own philosophy on Pricing as a way to hold space for the client's healing, while still making the service accessible
45:07 Joe gives his own philosophy on what services to provide, making sure to chose something you are also in alignment with
46:39 Lisa asks about her psychic, intuitive, and healing gifts and how to offer that to the world
48:19 Joe provides advice on Lisa's psychic gifts in relation to giving card readings that's in alignment with Lisa's most natural authentic gifts
49:35 Joe gets back in his clairvoyant space to look at Lisa's next questions
50:11 Lisa asks Joe to take a look at her strengths and gifts as a psychic, coach and a healer
50:19 Joe take a look at Lisa's gifts as related to her crown chakra, the 8th chakra and her Higher Self
51:33 Lisa shares her connection with Archangel Michael as her protector
52:04 Joe share his views and describes Archangel Michael
52:31 Archangel Michael comes in. Joe channels a message from Archangel Michael for Lisa (note - while Joe's facial feature may shift a little bit, Joe is not in a DEEP trance channeling state for this particular reading. Rather, he is using his Clairaudient abilities to repeat the messages he's hearing. Still, he's very intently tuning into the energy of the being, Archangel Michael)
53:38 Archangel Michael expands on the message of "Do Good" for Lisa from earlier in the reading from Mary and the Christ
54:12 Archangel Michael addresses Lisa's question as to which galactic star system she is associated with. He shares with her that she is associated with the Sirius star system. Many of the Sirius race are high level healers
55:37 Lisa shares her background story about how she happened to read up on and how she was very drawn to the Sirian galactics
57:07 Archangel Michael steps to the side. The Sirian High Council of Light steps in
57:21 Joe channels a message from the Sirian High Council of Light for Lisa
58:20 The Sirian High Council of Light provides specific guidance for Lisa as it relates to her career and connecting with her soul group
59:06 The Sirian High Council of Light provides guidance to Lisa on how to connect with them should she need their guidance
59:35 Joe requests the Sirian High Council of Light to provide Lisa a healing
59:48 The Sirian High Council of Light work with Lisa. They invite Archangel Michael in as well to assist.
1:01:38 The Sirian High Council of Light work with Lisa's Higher Self to connect with the heart of the central sun of Sirius to transmit light codes for her next steps, seeds that will activate over time, while still honoring Lisa's free choice and free will
1:04:06 Sirian High Council of Light complete their work
1:04:27 Lisa gives her feedback on the Sirian High Council of Light transmission and how she received and experienced the light codes transmission
1:05:06 Joe and Lisa discuss white light from beyond our 3D realm which is an important awakening step for many Starseeds, the light that eminates from beyond our own Star system. Lisa describes it as "beyond white", beyond what our physical eyes can see.
1:07:17 Joe shares his views on repeating patterns and ways spirit tries to get your attention including street lights turning off for no reason and how to honor the transmission
1:08:31 Joe shares spirit's concept of time (hint: they don't have a concept of time)
1:08:54 Lisa shares the details of her premonition of her car crash to the time the car crash actually happened
1:11:09 Lisa asks about the constant ringing in her ears as it relates to her car accident. Joe provides advice on how to deal with spirit and how to have spirit communicate with you more easily without having to deal with the ear ringing
1:12:37 Joe shares a story of the awakening of psychic abilities as it relates to significant traumatic events like car crashes
1:14:09 Joe gives Lisa a clarivoyant reading on the energy behind the ringing in her ears. There are 3 beings in particular who are wanting to work with Lisa. Joe sees if these beings are still in affinity to work with her. They remind Lisa of being in the vibration of fun.
1:17:31 Joe instructs the beings on how to communicate more effectively with Lisa
1:18:12 Joe takes a look at a past life she's had with these beings and remind her to not repeat karma from that past life
1:19:52 Joe offers to give Lisa a healing on her ears and her clairaudient channels as related to her concussion from the car accident
1:21:19 Joe takes a look at the energy of Lisa's nervous system
1:21:59 Joe works with Lisa's Akasiac records and her Record Keeper
1:22:36 Lisa hears a message come from spirit around signing up for a dating site
1:23:03 Joe guides Lisa so she can communicate with this spirit herself. Lisa finds it is her granddad who is wanting to communicate with her. Joe walks Lisa through communicating with the spirit of her granddad.
1:25:56 Joe directs Lisa to ask her granddad about a soulmate for Lisa. Granddad gives a surprising answer!
1:29:37 Joe takes last questions. Lisa asks about next steps for her healing business and the location for her business.
1:32:37 Lisa shares a post healing and reading perspective, especially with connecting to her Star System, and getting the validation for herself where she thought
1:38:41 Next steps post-healing and general chatting
1:40:10 Joe and Lisa shares his Star System connections and connection with the galactic realms

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