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How A Clairvoyant Psychic Sees Energy for Healing

The images that the psychic clairvoyant sees can be visions of a post-cognitive or a precognitive nature. The messages received by the clairvoyant and their ability to see into the future may not always make sense at first.

If the clairvoyant’s images or visions relate to events that happened in the past, they are defined as being post-cognitive. On the other hand, if they relate to events that haven’t transpired, i.e. future events, they are defined as precognitive.

Interestingly enough, a great deal of this imagery serves one of two purposes. They either affirm certain past events through psychic validation, or they serve to confirm how the client actually feels about them.

The clairvoyant, (Fremont, Union City, San Francisco Bay Area), may also be able to connect with a current or present set of circumstances or situation.

Therefore the received image or vision may not necessarily relate to a person’s future, or predict how a particular situation plays out. In other words, the pictures seen are mostly reflective of a person’s situation now.

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