Challenges for Awakening Starseeds Part 1

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Attention All Awakening Starseeds

Hi there. Joe here, Guide to the Gifted and Author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic.

I have a QUESTION for you: Are you a Starseed?

Often I find there are two general camps of people. Depending on how they answer the question is what camp they fall into:

TYPICAL ANSWER #1: I’m not sure if I’m a Starseed – I think I am, but I’m not sure.

TYPICAL ANSWER #2: Oh totally I am – and I hate it. Being in a human body pretty much sucks.

Which camp are you in?

If you are in camp #2, this post is for you. I’ll speak to camp #1 in a future post.

In this video I talk about the 3 biggest challenges for Starseeds.

Can you relate?


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