Spiritual Chakra Healing Union City, CA – Are Your Chakras in Need of Balancing?

Chakra Healing Union City, CA – Are Your Chakras in Need of Balancing?chakra healing union city
Take a look at this list and see if any of these chakra imbalances resonate with you:
  • 7th chakra – headaches
  • 6th chakra – troubled vision
  • 5th chakra – constant sore throats, loss of your voice
  • 4th chakra – loneliness, heart-break
  • 3rd chakra – feeling helpless, loss of control, that “icky” gut feeling
  • 2nd chakra – feeling overly emotional
  • 1st chakra – survival or even money issues


Physical and Emotional Manifestations

Where there are any of the above conditions, then it makes sense with how it can manifest on the emotional or physical level.
When a psychic or clairvoyant does a reading, invariably, they’ll take a look at your aura and your chakras. Your chakras are your energy centers of the body (There are TONS of YouTube videos out there so I won’t go into too much detail about each of the 7 major chakras here).
What Happens When Your Chakras Are Out of Balance?
First of all, when I perform a Clairvoyant Reading and Energy Healing, I see this issue of the chakras being out of balance in 2 different ways:
  • The chakra system as a whole:
    • How are the chakras working with each other?
    • How is the flow of energy between each of the chakras?
    • Is one chakra more dominant compared to the others?
  • Each individual chakra:
    • How flexible is the chakra to open or close?
    • Are there any stuck energies in those chakras?
    • How does the front of each chakra look compared to the back of each chakra?
    • Are there any energetic cords leading into or out of these chakras?
How Does a Psychic Help with a Chakra Healing?
If you do have medical issues, you should of course see a doctor to confirm any diagnosis any receive any treatment as required.
On the other hand, a psychic or spiritual energy healer (or even a reiki practitioner or others) can help on the energetic level.
When working with me in particular as a Spiritual Energy Healer, I help you to heal and balance your aura and chakras as follows:
  • Energetically, I’ll take a clairvoyant look at where your chakras are either blocked, out of balance, or appear inflexible
  • I’ll check for cords that are robbing you of your energy
  • Once I see any of these, I’ll work to clear these energies out using various clairvoyant healing techniques

How Will I Know if a Chakra Healing or Chakra Balancing Will Work For Me?

Many clients come in feeling stuck. They’ve tried many other methods including traditional medicine. While these are great and many times necessary, I believe that issues can and should also be looked at on the energetic level…
For example, have you ever thought of a time you broke up from 20 or even 30 years ago, and you can still cry about it? Where the wounds still feel all too real?
From readings I’ve done, this unresolved heartache in the heart chakra manifests itself in emotional and physical ailments – pain, sorrow, and even fits of rage from time to time.
When looked at Clairvoyantly, I see it as an energy – a stuck picture. Once identified at that level, we can move that energy out and energetic healing can truly begin. When looked at through a Spiritual core, can modern medicine do that?
In this regard, Spiritual chakra healing definitely has its place.
NOT a Substitute
Again, medical disclaimer, I stress that you should take all this with a grain of sugar (organic and all natural of course!). Energy healing has its limits, too…
However, for those deep core pictures, energetically, we can peel those one layer at a time and bring those chakras back into balance. Then you can allow for your body’s natural healing to occur as well on the physical and emotional level.
Ready for a Chakra Healing and Balancing? (NOTE: In-person Union City, CA or distance healings are available!)
If you reside in San Diego, you can receive a Chakra Healing in my Union City, Ca office. If you are outside of San Diego, Distant Healings for your aura and chakras are just as effective.
Lastly, when it comes to chakra healing and chakra balancing, whether in Union City, CA, the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, remember this:
When your energy flows, your life flows!
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