Chakra Healing and Balancing

Chakra Healing and Balancing

Typically, when there is some ailment, ache or discomfort, it could be that one or more of your spiritual chakras is either

  • blocked
  • out of balance
  • out of harmony with the other chakras

The 7 Spiritual Chakras

The following is a list of the 7 Chakras along with some typical physical  and emotional manifestations (Note, this is a general list and should not be taken as gospel. If you do have medical issues, please seek out a medical professional STAT! See Medical Disclaimer):

  • 1st Chakra
    • Location: Base of the spine
    • Physical: Addictions, constipation, hemorrhoids, impotence, lower body aches and pains
    • Emotional: Anger, fear of letting go, burden, survival mode, fear of abandonment, money issues
  • 2nd Chakra
    • Location: 4 fingers below the navel
    • Physical: Bladder, fertility, irritable bowel, prostate, impotency, menstrual problems, testicular disease
    • Emotional: Guilt, embarrassment, shame, inadequacy, feeling detached, holding onto old or other people’s emotions
  • 3rd Chakra
    • Location: Where the rib cages meet below the heart
    • Physical: Digestive problems, hyper acidity, heart burn
    • Emotional: Fear, lack, anger, condemning, prideful hurt, shame, failure, unable to get past the past, rejection
  • 4th Chakra
    • Location: Heart
    • Physical: Circulation problem, fatigue, hear disorders, lung issues, colds and cough, sleep disorders
    • Emotional: Feeling under attack, can’t receive, tired, unable to love or be loved, feeling stifled
  • 5th Chakra
    • Location: Base of throat
    • Physical: Sore throats, scratchy throat, loss of voice, asthma, hearing issues, mouth ulcers, coughing
    • Emotional: Fear of speaking out, unable to express freely, blocked communications, uncertainty of self-expression
  • 6th Chakra
    • Location: Middle of forehead above the brows
    • Physical: Cataracts, vision issues, sinus problems, severe headaches, glaucoma, scalp issues, head colds
    • Emotional: Unforgiving, overwhelm, stubbornness, no joy, invalidating, self-criticism
  • 7th Chakra
    • Location: Top of the head
    • Physical: Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, neurosis, headache, dizziness, insomnia
    • Emotional: Lack of self direction, no understanding or comprehension, depression

(h/t Transperception)

Getting a Chakra Healing

When receiving a spiritual chakra healing, you can expect the following during your session:

  1. I’ll 1st take a clairvoyant look at your chakras. Like taking a psychic cat scan, I take a look at where any single chakra might be out of balance, and/or where chakras might be out of balance or alignment with each other.
  2. I’ll communicate which of your chakras are out of whack. I’ll also communicate what kinds of stuck energies I see.
  3. Once you receive the communication, you can now receive a healing. I use various healing techniques to help you move that energy out while at the same time, replenishing those chakras with your own life force energy.
  4. If any chakras are out of alignment, I’ll work with your healing guides to help bring those into alignment.
  5. To complete this session, I take you through a guided meditation. This guided meditation is custom-tailored to YOU based on what came up during the spiritual reading!

Ready For A Spiritual Chakra Healing and Balancing Session?

When you schedule a psychic reading and an energy healing, you will get a comprehensive aura and chakra healing. After your session is complete, you can experience what many other clients have best experienced:

  • Feeling lighter
  • Feeling less physical pressure
  • A shift in energy
  • More mental and emotional clarity
  • A higher spiritual connection to your higher self

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