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Spiritual Healing & Awakening for the LGBT Community

Dear brothers and sisters of the LGBTQI community: We all want to be understood. We all feel pain and discomfort time to time. For the LGBT community, that pain can be intensified for us much more than for others. Why? When we look at what’s happening in the world, it’s easy to see why. Our…

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Joe’s Background

Joe’s Background First and foremost, I love providing others with psychic readings and spiritual energy  healings. Nothing is more gratifying than to help others see beyond their present circumstances and onto new possibilities along their spiritual path. Aside from reading, I also teach others how to be psychic. I teach at a school of intuition called…

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Joe’s Specialities

Joe’s Specialities While I have been exposed to a wide spectrum of clients and different types of readings and energy healings, the following are where I find the most joy when working with my clients: Spiritual Path Often times we can get knocked off our spiritual path on this journey we call life. From my…

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