Happy Friday Light Warrior Tribe!

Joe here with a special channeled message to our awakening psychics and Starseeds:

How often have you said:
– Oh this sucks!
– I hate this!
– I want to get rid of this!
– My life would be so much better if only I could move on
– I’m having a hard time getting unstuck

This is life, right? We all have our challenges. We all have our issues. None us want to be stuck. None of us want to keep the status quo.

Sure, this is a problem being stuck. Yet, here’s what I see is an even greater problem:

HOW people go about solving the problem is the real issue.

Case in point:

You see a being or an entity that scares you. Sure that’s a problem. The question is: How do you solve it?

Do you go ahead and make peace with your abilities and embrace your experiences?


Do you become even more fearful, more shut off, and more resistant to your gifts?

Another case in point:

You feel everyone else’s energies and you feel blocked. How do you solve that?

Do you take steps to neutralize those lower vibrations? Do you use energy tools to everyone else’s energies out?


Do you sit there in your misery, stewing about, and thus making yourself feel even worse? Do you tell everyone how much your life sucks as a result?


Here’s what to get about those two cases:

Do you get the difference in vibration between making peace vs inviting more fear?

Do you feel the difference between embracing your gifts versus being in resistance?


Now, back to the quote above:


Here’s an example we’re all seeing in society: You can’t fight hate with more hate. It brings about more hate.

And yet, what’s going on? What are you seeing out in our society today? What are people resorting to?

There’s even more hate. More division…



There are two general crowds going through their psychic or Starseed awakening:

CROWD 1: You are resisting your gifts.

Have you heard the phrase, “what you resist persists”?

Many of you are awakening to your gifts. These include the awakening psychics, Starseeds, and other light warriors.

Yet, okay, yes, you are seeing beings and entities — Scary and bothersome ones…

You are trying soooo hard to make those beings to go away.

And yet, with all this effort, these beings keep hanging around.

Here’s the deal: It’s because of the ENERGY of resistance that this problem hasn’t gone away.

The Universe is having you see that you have a gift to even sense these beings.

Sure, the Universe could’ve given you a better psychic experience to help you realize your gifts.

The question becomes, how scary of a being does the Universe have to deliver to you before you actually WAKE UP? What will it take to overcome your resistance?

CROWD 2: I gotta think about this more.

From my book:

Nothing will knock you out of your psychic space faster than THINKING about being psychic.

Why is this the case?

– Your mind by nature is limited.
– Your mind is meant process complex formulas and logic.
– Your mind is meant to process information from your traditional 5 senses.

Your mind is NOT meant to process energies and information OUTSIDE of these traditional 5 senses.

Your mind is not meant to process that which is illogical like psychic phenomena.

Do you get that?

Let this sink in for a moment…

When you had that moment of synchronicity, were you thinking? Or did the Universe simply deliver it to you while you were daydreaming?

You have a passing thought about of someone. They magically text you 5 minutes later. Did you have to think extra hard to make that happen?

You suddenly say something to someone. You don’t know where that thought came from. And yet it was EXACTLY what they needed to hear. It was a magical message that came from some Universal source outside the 5 senses.

Here’s what I see people doing.

They have this magical experience that came from NOT THINKING.

And yet, they’re trying to reproduce this experience BY THINKING ABOUT IT MORE.


(I know for a fact many of you are sitting there right now trying to think this over!)

Now, with all the love I can muster, I get it.

Many years, I went through my own journey of thinking about it. Thinking more about it. And thinking even MORE about it.

Then I decided, you know, I want to really hone my gifts. I want to master my abilities. I want to make peace with my psychic experiences.

(More on my story here:

I realized that thinking about it more wasn’t getting me anywhere. As a matter of fact, it was keeping me exactly where I was at.

The question is now, where are YOU at?

How long are you going to keep resisting?

How long are you going to thinking about it more?

When are you going to start embracing your gifts?

When are you going to start being at peace?

What’s it going to cost you to continue being where you are at – over and over and over again?


“Joe, that’s easy for you to say. I’ve been dealing with this all my life.”

Like I said, I get it. I went through a similar journey.

Do you know what helped me?

Left to my own devices, I knew I would stay stuck…

So I got help.

I got help from someone who’d been there, done that.

Even today – I am a world-class healer. And yet, I STILL get healings from other healers when I get stuck. Do you get that?

YOU don’t have to stay stuck yourself.

You DO have alternatives.

You DO have a way out.

**Let me just reaffirm, however, that you CAN’T get out of a problem with the same mind that created it.**


So what are some alternatives for you?

Fortunately, there are some avenues you can choose to explore:

1) Get my book, “Journey of the Awakened Psychic”.
– It has tips and tools on how to hone your psychic gifts.
– You learn to control your gifts rather than having your gifts control you
– You embrace your gifts so in turn, you can use your gifts for the greater good to help others
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2) Schedule a Deep Transformational Lifepath Channeling and Healing Session
– Identify those blocks
– Heal those out of your space
– Remove any old energies from this lifetime, past lives, or other people
– Receive communication from your guides, angels, or even loved ones
– Gain clarity on your next steps for your life
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3) Learn more about Joe’s Coaching programs for Awakening Psychics and Starseeds
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– Want to finally break through so you can stop thinking and resisting?
– Want to actually use your gifts to help heal others and use them for the greater good?
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With that I complete this transmission. This guidance has been wanting to channel through in the last few days. May this open doorways to new possibilities for you.



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