Ascension Mastery - Free Guided Meditation - Journey to the Threshold

Hello Ascension Masters!

Joe Gacoscos here, instructor at Intuitive Insights with Vessa. If you are seeing this message, this means you are either a current student or graduate of the Ascension Mastery Program, formerly known as the One-to-One Program.

I recorded the video below which you can view between sessions.

I guide you through the basic journey:

  • Splitting into the 3 parts
  • Setting your ARCMs
  • Journeying through the bases to the Threshold
  • Space for you to work in the Threshold space
  • Journeying back to present time.

There will be a point when you get to the Threshold where you can PAUSE THE VIDEO. This is so you can work out anything you want:

  • A new mock-up
  • Clear old karma
  • Toss purple and erase any snakes or spiders

**Once you've done your work, you can UNPAUSE THE VIDEO where I will guide you to journey back out of the Threshold.**

Come back as often as you wish to listen to this audio to reach higher and higher levels of spiritual attainment and freedom.

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