Dear Friends,

My name is Joe Gacoscos, intuitive channel, clairvoyant, and spiritual healer. Thank you for checking out my website for psychic readings and spiritual energy healings based out of Union City, CA, and serving the East Bay, Silicon Valley and surrounding San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm author of international best selling book, "Journey of the Awakening Psychic: 10 Steps to Activating Your Psychic Potential". I teach spiritual tools to help people be more connected to their true path and to help them feel more confident in their life choices.

I offer spiritual readings, energy healings, and a one-on-one psychic development coaching.

My specialty is in helping people discover, connect, and align with the true spiritual path.

Many people want to know about my background, how I came to be a professional psychic and spiritual coach, and my specialties. I present you with a brief summary so you can best know who you are going to be working with:

How I Came To Be A Professional Psychic & Spiritual Healer, Mentor, and Coach

Even as a child, I've always had this extraordinary sense of "knowingness". As a kid, I'd just "know" how people felt, I could see solutions to certain problems, and I was pretty well attuned to shifts in energy. While I believe everyone has some kind of psychic ability, for me it was just normal to know someone was going to call or that someone was thinking about me. After a while, I realized this wasn't exactly normal with everyone.

As I got older, I decided to hone in more to open up these abilities. It came so naturally. Eventually I learned more about how to best protect myself during psychic readings, how to create a safe space for those receiving a readings, and learning how to heal without taking on others' energies.

It got to the point people wanted my services. And so here I am today, serving the best I can, teaching, reading, and healing!

My Specialties

While I have been exposed to a wide spectrum of clients and different types of readings and energy healings sessions, the following are where I find the most joy when best working with my clients:

Spiritual Path Guidance, Direction and Healing

Often we lose our way on our spiritual path. We feel lost. We lose our sense of self. We become overwhelmed.

Even worse, trying to find our way back, we often are so depleted of our own life force energy, it's hard to even know who we really are anymore.

When you need spiritual guidance, I provide a Deep Transformational Spiritual Path Healing and Guidance session.

Spiritual Healings & Readings

Often times we can get knocked off our spiritual path on this journey we call life. From my point of view, there are energies at play including:

  • Karma
  • Past life agreements
  • Outdated agreements with beings, entities, or spirit guides

When I work with clients on clarifying their spiritual issues and challenges, I tune into who people are as a Spirit. From Spirit, I believe all answers are best available to us in its most authentic form. People get this because it resonates as if it's a deep seated sense of relief.

This is what you call being in alignment.

Click here to schedule a Deep Transformation Life Path Channeling and Healing Session.

Chakra and Aura Healings

There is so much information to be gained from looking at your chakras and your aura. These are energy centers that hold information in the form of energy. Sometimes this energy can get stuck or out dated.

When I perform these chakra healings, you can expect the following:

  • A Clairvoyant "cat scan" of your chakras, your aura and energy channels
  • Check for blocks, stuck energies, or other people's energies
  • Clear those blocks with simple and advanced spiritual healing techniques

Spiritual Guidance and Direction

Sometimes people just want guidance from a higher realm. You might have tried other more traditional means like therapy, or maybe your best friend is just plain tired of listening to you (or vice versa!).

When I get into a Psychic Clairvoyant space, you can expect that I come from a totally neutral place and that I tune into who you are as a Spirit and into your Higher Self.

From there, the best and truest answers you seek - many times unexpected - can help you with your next steps in life.

Working with the Psychically Open and Psychically Sensitive

  • Are you too open psychically?
  • Do you already have natural psychic gifts?
  • Do you see energies?
  • Do you see dead people?
  • Were you an indigo child? A crystal kid? A rainbow child?

As a teacher, I teach people how to psychically protect themselves. This is especially important for those who knew they were gifted especially at an early age. Often what happens is as children, they are forced to shut down their abilities. But like anything you try to suppress, the more you try to hide, the harder it is to control.

Guess what, you're NOT crazy. I've helped others like you!

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