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>> Love, relationships, business, career, spiritual path

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>> 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions available

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Kristyn C.

~ Intuitive Business Coach ~

"Joe is an exceptional teacher and healer. He always brings some practical and valuable perspective to help you process what's ready to be healed."

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Sharon C.

~ Professional ~

"I left his office instantly feeling lighter, and now, a month later, I've been able to make a TON of changes in my life."

How We Can Help You


Psychic Readings

An clairvoyant reading for whenever you need extra clarity and guidance in all areas of life including love, health, finance, self-development and relationships.


Energy Healings

Release everyone else's energies out of your space. Get more of your energy back. Feel more refreshed by having more of your own personal power back.


Deep Spiritual Healing

Premier reading and healing. Includes channeling of messages from your spirit guides and angels. Gain clarity in life for your next steps. Feel more aligned to your true purpose.

The Best Time for a Psychic Reading or Healing


Hi, I'm Joe.

Psychic, clairvoyant, and spiritual teacher.

Here’s the brutal truth about life...

As much as we'd like for our lives to be perfect and stress-free all the time, the reality is sometimes it's the opposite..

We all come upon hard times. We each have our challenges. This is in all areas of life--love, romance, career, spiritual direction, health, etc.

And while most times we can get dig ourselves out of any holes we get into, sometimes we just get to a point of...

"Ugh, this is enough already!"

And yet, we still have to live our lives. We still have our responsibilities.

So it becomes even MORE challenging when we know we have to move forward...

But sometimes we just can't move forward--Not without a little help, that is.

And yes, you can talk to your best friends. But you know they have their own lives.

(Frankly you worry they might be sick of listening to your problems when they probably have problems of their own!)

Maybe you may even have your therapist handy...

But even they may just be sticking to the same old script.

You know what, though?

Sometimes you just need that alternative viewpoint.

Intuitively, you figure that something must be going on on the ENERGY side of things.

How many times has your energy felt off?

Felt low?

Or you may even feel like you are filled with everyone else's energy and not your own?

That's where working with a credible psychic and energy healer comes in.

You need someone who not only has psychic and energy healing experience...

Ideally you'd want to work with someone who also is grounded and has spiritual awareness mixed in.

Not to mention, you also want to work with someone with great reviews from satisfied clients throughout the years!

Well guess what - This is exactly what I offer my clients.

So, many of you have been waiting for time to help heal you. As they say, "time heals all".

For most of you reading, however, you don't have that luxury of time anymore...

You want to get back on track now!

When you work with me, you go from feeling lost, overwhelmed and questioning... feeling much lighter and free--like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders!

All in a single session!

I work mostly by referral. However, I do accept new clients when space is available.

If you are reading this page, this means spots are available now.

If you're serious about wanting relief, healing or direction for your next steps in life...

And you don't mind a little bit of the "woo" factor when working with a psychic healer, then I encourage you to sign up for a session today!


Ready for answers and major healing in a single session?


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Ariane P.

~ Business Owner ~

"Joe will blow you away. His accuracy and insight can be life changing and it's all delivered with his gentle manor that makes you feel safe and comfortable."

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Michele C.

~ Communications Consultant ~

"I cannot say enough about Joe and his talents - he is truly a gifted spiritual and energetic practitioner."