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What Others Are Saying...

"Joe will blow you away. His accuracy and insight can be life changing and it's all delivered with his gentle manor that makes you feel safe and comfortable."

~Ariane P. | Business Owner

"I cannot say enough about Joe and his talents - he is truly a gifted spiritual and energetic practitioner."

~Kristyn C. | Intuitive Business Coach

"Joe is an exceptional teacher and healer. He always brings some practical and valuable perspective to help you process what's ready to be healed."

Michele C. | Marketing Consultant

"I left his office instantly feeling lighter, and now, a month later, I've been able to make a TON of changes in my life."

~Nessa R. | Administrative Professional

"I took a intuition class with Joe and it helped me reach the next level, I learned a lot of tools that I use in daily life and in my Holistic Healing Center." ~Ivan M. | Energy Healer

How We Can Help You


Psychic Readings

A clairvoyant reading for whenever you need extra clarity, direction and guidance in all areas of life including love, health, finance, self-development and relationships.


Chakra Energy Healings

Release everyone else's energies out of your space. Get more of your energy back. Feel more refreshed, aligned and balanced by having more of your own personal power back.


Deep Spiritual Healing

Premier reading and chakra healing. Includes channeling of messages from your spirit guides and angels. Gain clarity in life for your next steps. Feel more aligned to your true purpose.


Hi, I'm Joe.

Psychic, clairvoyant, medium, and award-winning author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic.

As a energy-sensitive person myself, it was a logical path for me to become a psychic healer.

If you're anything like me, though, you can probably relate when I say that being highly sensitive hasn't always been easy...

Quick story of my background and my style of reading and healing...

There were many times in my life where challenges got really one thing kept building on top of the other.

Next thing I knew, what felt uncomfortable at first became this huge mountain of $%#&# to overcome.

Know what I mean?

Not only that, but every time I would take 1 step forward, it felt like I was sliding 3 steps back.

It felt like I was using up soooo much energy...only to be back at square one.

Finally, it got to the point where enough was enough.

It became my challenge to not only learn to overcome my energy challenges...

It also became my quest to learn to raise my vibration AND learn to help others also learn to raise theirs as well!

Fortunately, when I really learned to hone my psychic abilities, I got more and more familiar with the world of energy.


As a psychic and a clairvoyant, this is how I see the world -- through the world of energy.

And what I learned as well is that when you can then relate to energy, you know that energy either

  • Moves or gets stuck
  • Is in present time or in the past
  • Is your energy or not your energy

When relating to energy this way, powerful insights and healing can occur... almost instantly.

The problem of course is knowing exactly what to look for.

When you're in the thick of it all, it becomes difficult if not impossible to even distinguish your own energy let alone your own wants and desires.

How often have you said to yourself...

  • I've lost myself
  • I don't know who I am anymore
  • I don't know which direction to turn

Well, if you can identify with this, I have some good news for you...

As a highly energy-sensitive person myself, I can relate.

Not only that, it's my specialty to work with people just like you.

When I work with you, I work with many areas including:

  • Love and relationships
  • Business and career
  • Health and well-being
  • Spirituality and spiritual path
  • Feeling lost and wanting to get unstuck

Not only that, as a best-selling and award-winning author, I wrote a book on awakening your psychic abilities.




That's not to brag. But it's more to say that I certainly do practice what I preach.

That said, if you can identify anywhere with my story, you're exactly who I am meant to serve...

I am here to help you overcome your energy challenges so you can move more boldly forward in your life.


I know you've been trying for awhile now to overcome your challenges, searching for clarity, and needing relief. 

You likely take care of everyone else in your life. When is it going to be your turn?

I believe there are no accidents in this great Universe of ours.

If my message calls to you, and if it feels like it's the right message at the right time, then maybe it was meant to be. By all means...

Reach out.

Book an appointment today.

And just to help make the decision easier for you, for a limited time, I'm offering 20% off your first session with me.

Click the red "Book Now" button below. Use coupon code "AWAKE" when booking your session for an instant 20% discount on your first reading and healing session.

No matter which path you take, many blessings to you. I hope to work with you soon.

~Joe Gacoscos

P.S. Don't see any openings? Call/text (510) 640-4411 to inquire.


P.P.S. Be sure to take advantage of the 20% off discount for your first session using coupon code AWAKEN while I still have it available.

P.P.P.S. A lot can get done in a single session. That said, it's best to come in with reasonable expectations. Longer term coaching is also available.

Online psychic training is available on my sister site:

Psychic Development Training Classes Online with Joe Gacoscos