• Are you feeling stuck? Fallen off your spiritual path?
  • Wondering what your next steps should be?
  • If you were a book, what answers would the book of YOU reveal?
  • I help you to see how your old story took shape.
  • I teach you ways you can shift course towards your most divine path going forward!

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Joe Gacoscos -True Insights for spiritual energy healings and clairvoyant psychic readings

Welcome to True Insights for spiritual energy healing, spiritual mentorship, and clairvoyant psychic readings!

My name is Joe Gacoscos. I’m a Spiritual Mentor, Coach and Teacher.

I teach spiritual tools to help connect you to your True Path so you can feel more confident in your life choices.

I believe a truly divine pathway to spiritual awakening & enlightenment is via developing our psychic and intuitive abilities.

Along with being a highly trained psychic, I have a whole host of meditation tools & training to help you heal, grow and overcome—all to facilitate achieving your highest spiritual truths.

Welcome Message from Joe (2 mins)
I have 3 core beliefs that make up my practice:
  1. I believe the Universe is made up of energy.
  2. I believe we all can all tap into these energies via intuition and our natural psychic abilities.
  3. When we attune intuitively and psychically to these divine energies, we increase our spiritual growth, awareness and understanding.

These 3 key ingredients – Energy, Intuition, & Spirit– are the key to any spiritual healing.

To help you take your next steps, I offer the following transformative services:
  • Chakra and aura healing and balancing
  • Spiritual energy readings and healings
  • Psychic tools training
  • Advanced clairvoyant training
  • The “Beyond Intuition Spiritual Development & Coaching Program

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What others are saying on Yelp
  • “Joe is an exceptional teacher and healer.” ~Kristyn C.
  • “He was able to see the real me and presented things in a very loving and kind way.” ~Jenn L.
  • “Joe creates a very safe and non-judgmental space.” ~Kristyn C.
  • “He also helped me to learn to clear and shield myself from energy that I was allowing to, “tag along” after I encountered other people.” ~ Felicia G.
  • “Joe is not only a very gifted psychic, but also an extremely caring individual.” ~Elz R.
  • “He offers a calm, uplifting presence to his clients and students...” ~Michele C.
  • “The entire experience has helped me move forward.” ~Tami C.
We would be a great fit if:
  • Are open to healing through expanding your spiritual awareness
  • “Raising your vibration” is something meaningful to you
  • You believe the Universe doesn’t just deliver coincidences, especially with you reading this message!
Has any of this resonated with you?

If you are still reading, this is a great sign! I don’t just work with anyone as I’d rather we be a fit if we are to work together.

If you feel like we’d be a fit as well, I would absolutely enjoy taking next steps in helping you gain clarity.

When we work together, you’ll find my approach is very candid, compassionate and warm.

Together we’ll uncover your energetic challenges in a judgement-free space.

The insights you gain help encourage you to move in a positive direction and more in alignment with your true spiritual purpose.

It’s an exciting journey!

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(Note: If you are looking for more of a fortune teller, tell-me-the-future kind of a psychic, I won’t be a good choice for you.

My psychic abilities are especially tuned towards spiritual healing and spiritual enlightenment.

Additionally, if you are in any kind of traumatic distress or are suicidal, I recommend you call specialized counseling services immediately.)

Want a sample of what it would be like to work with me?
  • Check out the TESTIMONIALS from my past clients.
  • Listen to a sample of Joe’s voice and healing style in the following video and audios found on this site.
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Joe’s recommendations based on where you are currently…

I’m a novice and don’t know where to start:

  • Get a spiritual psychic reading to gain more clarity

I’m already on a spiritual journey but still have questions:

  • Get spiritual psychic reading and intuitive spiritual counseling to get in deeper touch with your spiritual self

I’ve fallen off my path and haven’t felt like myself lately:

  • Get a transformative trance medium healing package to remove old energy blocks to true spiritual clarity

I’m already psychically sensitive—too open! I need help controlling my abilities and to protect myself psychically. I see spirits and I can see energy but it’s too much sometimes!


I’m interested in opening up my psychic abilities!

  • Psychic training will help uncover your deepest spiritual truths to where you can control your abilities rather than have your abilities control you. Learn how to protect yourself and use your gifts for a greater cause.

I want to take my intuition to the next level to integrate it into my life. I’m ready for my next spiritual awakening process:

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Next Steps?

I hope by reading my message that you are confident that a spiritual healing is a right step for you.

For your convenience, you can see my next openings and schedule your appointment by clicking here.

Sessions are available either In-Person (San Diego office) or via Skype (internationally).

Thanks again for checking out this site and I wish you the best of intentions on your spiritual journey.

If you do decide to take that next step to work with me, you’re in for a journey your soul has been longing for!

In Spirit,

Joe Gacoscos

P.S. Feel free to call, text, or message me if you have any questions. If I don’t answer right away, please do leave a message and I will be sure to get back to you ASAP.

P.P.S. I currently teach at a school of clairvoyance, teaching others the art of clairvoyance.

When you receive a healing from me, I certainly practice what I preach for you to experience deep healing. I look forward to working with you!

P.P.P.S. If you were a book, what would the book of you reveal? I’ll help you to see how your story took shape as well as to help you shift course towards your true path.

All sessions are by appointment only. Contact to request additional information.

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